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Last Updated: April 30, 2013
Developed by: Alypius Inc.

Increasing Your Job's Visibility on uses a proprietary scoring system that calculates your job's rank on our listing pages based on overall quality. The scoring system is designed to enhance the visibility of well composed jobs and to elevate high quality postings to the candidates that visit the site.

Similar to the way Google displays the most relevant websites on the first page, we show visitors the most informative job postings first. Therefore, your job posting is not affected by its date of entry. The first job listed in any category will be that with the most relevant content.

To get the most exposure to your jobs, spend time detailing the posting with quality copy.

Jobs are weighted and ranked according to several criteria. The factors mentioned below apply to both Physician and Healthcare jobs.

Quality Factors


Be specific. Use a broad salary/hourly range if necessary. Specifying negotiable or "N/A" is less helpful to job candidates than a specific value. If the compensation truly is negotiable then explain this in the job description.

Job Description

Your job has the most potential to stand out and be unique through the information given in the job description. Give further details about any of the job's details (location, compensation, workload, facility, etc.). Mention 401Ks, tuition reimbursements, sign-on bonuses and other information which candidates commonly perform keyword searches on.

Use rich text formatting (HTML) sparsely. Don't underline entire paragraphs or bold several sentences. Maintain a professional appeal both for your company and for the appearance of our website.

For clients who post multiple jobs on, they should avoid duplicate information between jobs. Cutting and pasting descriptions between job posts is not recommended.

Specialties & Job Titles

Specialties & Job Titles should be carefully selected from the available options and not simply typed into the job description area.

Jobs are categorized into different sections based on these selections. The system does not scan the job description fields to help with categorizing jobs (although you may, and are encouraged to, expound on the selected job specialties & job titles in the description area).

You are encouraged to select the fewest number of specialties & job titles necessary to accurately represent your job. Selecting many options in hopes of increasing your job's visibility will not be successful.

Job Numbers

Remember, it's preferred that one job post applies to only one job opportunity. Therefore, listing multiple job numbers should not be necessary.

Job Headline

The job headline is your best opportunity to promote your position and get clicks from job seekers. This headline is the clickable link displayed on all our job listings. Use creative copy to highlight the best parts of your job.

Facility Name

Terms such as "Unspecified", "Unknown", "N/A", and "Facility", and similar variations are not favored. If the facility name can not be revealed, specify a facility type such as "Hospital", "Clinic", or "Imaging Center".

Location - City

Use specific city names or state regions such as "Dallas Metro". Do not place short sentences or non-location based information here.

Location - State

The job's state is potentially the most valuable information to a candidate. Jobs without a state specified will not appear in any location specific job listings, and therefore will have their visibility greatly reduced.

For many of our clients this scoring system seems like common sense. If that's the case, then we applaud you. It indicates your desire to post quality job information and use the job fields the way they are intended. Others may have to make adjustments to their posting procedures. We know this may take some extra time, but rest assured that this will improve your job's visibility and help it get in front of the right candidates.

We will be monitoring the job listings and adjusting our scoring system to ensure two things. One, that we are creating the best job listings for our visitors. And two, we are providing encouragement and incentives for clients to post the most accurate and informative data in their jobs.

Working for you,
The Team